fredag 29. februar 2008

Just one posting? :O

Wow, I've only written one post here today (well, it's not today anymore, as the time is soon a half past 12, but still... oi, that sounds weird) xO I think that must be a new record btw, as I usually just babble about everything and post loads of them xD The reason why I haven't been posting much today though, is because I've been busy. I've been stressing around at the depressing mall to try and find a birthdaygift for my bestfriend, but that's harder than you can think x But I evenutally ended up with something to buy so I hope she will like it :) And, believe it or not, when I was running through the stores I found a shirt thingy for myself too on sale :D Happy times :] And that's about all that has happened to me today.. yet another boring day :) But tomorrow it's off I go to Oslo, so atleast it won't be a boring weekend :D

I better be off to bed :)
Nighty Night!

torsdag 28. februar 2008

A sunny afternoon

The worst day of the week is over, and I'm happy :D The sun is shining and I'm drinking tea :] What could be better? :P hehe, I'm joking ofcourse.

I had a bloody math test today, and to be honest, it went straight to hell : but oh well..

When I got home my KISS ticket was in the mail :D So three months from now I'm gonna use it, and I can't wait :D

And it's 10 more days left at school before the Easter holiday :]

onsdag 27. februar 2008

I'm screwed!

I have a math test tomorrow, and I have barely opened the book today to study for it.. I guess I just have to play it by ear, even though I usually suck in math xD

Me with a paper with loads of numbers = heavy headache... and we do not want that to happen, do we?


My dearest KISS poster :] I want to go to that concert right away! I just can't wait :D
And here's my closet I've used all my printer ink on xD I have no idea why I put these pictures out on here, I just do :) It might be one of those activities I do when "Marit is bored" :P

Bored =/

Instead of doing my maths, I ended up doing this survey...
So for those who are interested (like there are any xD), here you go:

This or That
Sunny or rainy:
Fruit or veggie: fruit
Night or day: night
Sour or sweet: sour
Love or money: love
Phone or in person: depends who it is I guess
Looks or personality: personality
Coffee or tea: Both. But not black coffee
Hot or cold: somewhere in the middle

Best physical feature: ask someone else
First thought waking up: usually too tired to think
Greatest ambition: travel the world
Darkest secret: I wouldn’t tell if I had one
Favorite subject: spanish

Do You:
Smoke: no
Drink: sometimes
Like thunderstorms: yes
Dance in the rain: hehe, why not? :P
Sing: yes, everytime I listen to my MP3
Play an instrument: yes
Get along with your parents: yes
Wish on stars: yes :]
Believe in fate: I guess

Can You:
Drive: sort of
Drive a manual? The same as above
Touch your nose with your tongue? nope
Cook? yes
Dance? no
Sing? no
Sew? yes
Speak another language? yes
Whistle: yes
Curl your tongue: I think so

Other Questions:
What is your bedtime?
Way too late than what it should be
Name three things you can't live without: music, friends & family
What is the colour of your room? Orange and green
What are your nicknames? Don’t have any
Are you afraid of the dark? Hmm, sometimes
Would you live in a different country? Yes! PLEASE GET M OUT OF HERE!
Would you go skydiving? Yes, I would love to!
Would you go rock climbing? that could have been fun

Have you ever...
Eaten squid? yes
Been to New York City? No, but would love to :)
Been to London? YES :D
Been Drunk: yes
Been Stoned/High: no
Eaten Sushi: yes
Skipped school: hehe.. sort of (a)
Made prank calls: yes, when I was younger
Stolen something: no
Cried yourself to sleep: nope. But cried in my dreams xD

The Last
Person you wanted to hit : a teacher xD
Country you've been in: Germany
Thing you ate: pancakes
Thing you drank: water

Sunshine :D

Today I woke up by the sun shining through my windows and clear blue sky :D I feel the spring is coming :]

I was suppose to get up early today to do all the homework I've been putting off till the last minute, but it just didn't happened that way.. I woke up by the buzzer, but typically me, I just felt back to sleep xD

Og jeg elsker Carl Barât i musikkvideoen til Client - Pornography :)

tirsdag 26. februar 2008

Then was my homework done for today, and I can sleep in tomorrow :D It feels great as all my friends are going to school while I can be home doing nothing :D hehe

Well, I do actually have quite alot to do, but atleast I'm not stucked inside the schoolbuilding the whole day.

YAY! :]

Carl Barât

Carl Barât er skikkelig snasen :D Rett og slett sexy!

Jeg blir ganske så fascinert faktisk :]

Også er han britisk i tillegg. Frææshe greier! :)

Happy Times :D

And another thing,


A book from the 18th century? How very "exciting".......

I dislike Tuesdays! I don't know why really, but I just don't like them. I have a short day at school on Tuesdays, but I still don't like them...

And today was it quite depressing. It was raining =/ I actually like rain as it can be a bit cosy, but only when I'm sitting inside looking out, watching the raindrops splashing on the roads :) But the reason why I probably hate Tuesdays is because of the boring subjects and the fact that I'm always so bloody tired when I go to school. Like today I just wanted to cuddle up in a corner in the classroom and go to sleep xD

So not much exciting has been happening around here today. In the history&philosophy class (which is torture), we actually got to see a lexicon from the 18th century that our school has.. So if that is something one could call exciting, then that is that the most exciting thing that happened with me today :P I even got to touch it :O haha^^ I'm being ironic ofcourse :P

And now it's 11 days left at school before Easter :D

mandag 25. februar 2008


Now I've just been upstairs for a while, and I tasted these really good Salzbrezeln bread my dad made. Oh no, now I'm doing it again.. writing about what I'm eating.. Like anybody cares xD But Salzbrezelns are very good. I remember tasting that in Berlin in November last year and the best thing is that they go quite well along to a cup of tea :D hehe.. and again I'm starting to talk about tea :/ but oh well :]

Postmann Pat :D

HAHA :D Check out Murph in the background :D

"Postmann Pat, Postmann Pat, med sin svarte og hvite katt" :D

Gobble Gobble Gobble xD




The Monday is over, and then it was 12 days at school left before Easter :D I'm so pathetic as I'm already counting down days, but the truth is that I'm so f*cking tired of my school, so then it's just one thing to do: to count down to something good :D hehe

The day today was okay. I started earlier than usual which I also wrote in another post. I didn't like that, as I was so tired and slept a bit too long to have time to eat breakfast :/

Right now am I listening to Oasis :)

Check out this clip of the Wombats:

I love Murph :D

søndag 24. februar 2008

Back to school tomorrow =(

The holiday is over and it's back to school tomorrow. I hate it! But on the bright side is it only 3 weeks left and then is it Easter holiday, and I really hope those 3 weeks fly by fast! So I think I'm going to count down days :P

Starting now! :

13 schooldays left :D

Foo Fighters <3

And then was the homework done and I'm listening to my new album I bought in Oslo Wednesday :)

Foo Fighters - Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
I love them :] And the song The Pretender just makes me scream along to it xD

A hot cup of tea :D

Hot, milky, sugarry TEA :]
I just can't get enough of it :D

Homework & Holiday :| Bad combination

I'm doing my history homework at the moment : it's not too bad, the worst thing is that we actually got history homework to do over the holiday.. That is just cruel! But I actually like history :) but in this case not, as it is HOMEWORK, and I dislike everything that is connected with the word homework. The time is soon 7pm and I feel I haven't done anything today. This is a sunday I again hate, and tomorrow I start early again. I used to start at 10am on mondays, but as it has been some changes with the spanish lessons I have to be at school 8.15am. That is something I don't like as I'm so extremely tired around that time (well, who isn't?).

But I better get back to my history homework....

The weather

okay, I'm sure there is no one that is actually interested in reading about how the weather is where I live, but as I have nothing else to write about, why not write about the weather.. that's standard isn't it?

Well, for weeks now has it been icy in the whole city, and yesterday I had alot of trouble to just walk up a hill because of all the ice.. it must have been a weird sight to see how me, Lise and Silje struggled :P But today is it actually +10 degrees so a lot of the ce has melted and there's water all over the roads : An hour ago I followed Lise to the railway station and my feet got soaked in water. And we were in a hurry so I sort of had to run through all the puddles. But now I'm home again and my toes are wearing clean and dry socks :P haha^^

That's about all I had in mind.. at the railway station was it quite crowdy as people are going home or coming home after a week of winter holiday, and I managed to run into this bunch of military guys.... I sort of like those uniforms xD

I'll be back ;)

Saturday night :)

Me, Lise and Silje went to Hamar's best pizzeria and ate this extremely good pizza :D

anyway.. The pizza was really good, and on the table behind us there were two old men getting drunk and talking out loud about the new techonology while I was taking pictures of me and my friend with my digital camera. Weirdos! :P

After sitting there talking for hours we went home to my place and Silje decided to stay over too. I've always been into Disney films, so we decided to watch Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and the seven dwarfs :) I have never really been any princess type of girl as Winnie the Pooh has always been my favorite (hehe), but Snow White and Sleeping Beauty have always been some of my favorites of all the Disney films :) It was really nice to watch some films from the good young days xD

lørdag 23. februar 2008

The Libertines

Right now am I being quite bored... I'm reading an article about the Libertines in Q magazine though, so that's very interesting if I may say so :D

I'm also listening to them, which is a good combination as I'm reading about them aswell xD hehe
I've got the song "Time for Heroes" stucked on my mind, but I don't really care as it's a really good song :D
I was suppose to add a video of them on here, but I haven't found out how I do that yet.. So I'll get back to doing that later :)
Hasta la vista! xD

Being at a café on a Saturday afternoon :)

I never go to cafées, because they are so bloody expensive here in Norway.. But today my mum gave me and Lise money to go to this nice café in "downtown" Hamar xD

So now I'm stuffed with this delicious fruit/berry cakepie thing and the coffee irish cream :D
I like cafées :]

My new sunglasses :D


Looking a bit goofy, but I love them :D


Delicious tacos me and Lise made last night :]

fredag 22. februar 2008

The mall :|

Today we went to the mall which gets more and more boring each time I'm there. But Lise on the other hand is the biggest shopaholic I've ever met so she loves it there!
And that's about the most exciting thing that've happened so far today so I'm not bothered to write anymore right now :P

And I still can't believe I'm going to see KISS live 31st of May :D :D it's sort of surreal.....

KISS, here I come :D :D

The ticket is ordered,,,,




I am going to see KISS :D

Waiting and missing my bed

Right now I am sitting in my pyjamas waiting for the Kiss tickets to be put out on the ticketservice webside, because I have to get one, and I'm sure they will be sold out in no time. I'm extremely tired, and I can't wait to get back to bed again after ordering them :]
The window is open and it's cold, so I really want to get back to my bed as soon as possible xD

torsdag 21. februar 2008

Acting funny, but I don't know why
Exscuse me while I kiss the sky :)
Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix <3

Lise came :]

Today my best friend Lise came, and she's going to stay at my place this weekend, so I guess that will be a lot of fun :D :D

She came with the bus around 3 and since then we haven't done much... just talked and such.. After a few hours we went to the supermarket and we walked around in the store for quite a long time, wondering whether to buy ingredients to make brownies or to buy chips xD We ended up buying both :D hehe, we're pathetic :P

So that's probably all for now. I'll be back later :]

Songs in my head :]

My favorite songs at this very moment:
The Libertines - Time For Heroes
The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Babyshambles - Albion
Bloc Party - Song for Clay (Disappear Here)
The Kooks - I already miss you

"Did you see the stylish kids in the riot
We were shovelled up like muck
Set the night on fire
Wombles bleed truncheons and shields
You know i cherish you my love"

"East London is a vampire,
it sucks the joy right out of me"
If we put in Hamar instead of East London, I feel that pretty much sums up Hamar sometimes =

onsdag 20. februar 2008


Even though I don't really want to be a young grown up yet, and as I'm still a child at heart xD

Today me and Silje went to Oslo to see the Kooks live, because believe it or not, they actually came to NORWAY :D This weekend is it going to be a music festival in Oslo, and as some entertainment before, they were going to promote their new single "Always Where I Need To Be" in a tent as pause-performences. So me and Silje took a train at 9.07 this morning, so we would have time to do some shopping and basically just wander around before the mini "concert" at around 7pm. So after doing alot of shopping and with sore feet we eventually got to the place where the tent was going to be, after asking for the direction twice xD But when I asked for the ticket I suddenly have to show ID, and I was like "is it an age limit to enter?". and guess what? there was :( And they hadn't given any information about that on the internet and they said they had just found out themself : So there and then was the Kooks experience over for me :/

But we went to the entrance for the artists and performers to see if we might could get a glimpse of them when they eventually came, but that would probably take hours and it was freezing outside... Then we started to ask this stupid guard if there was any possibility for me to enter, as it is just FUCKING 1 month and 8 days left before I turn 18. He said that probably would be okay as it wasn't any age limit after 9pm, but I was there to see the Kooks and not any other stupid performers after 9pm... but he probably just didn't care and just blew alot of smoke into our faces... : I think he was quite obsessed with his cigarette :

So right now I'm feeling quite depressed :( It's just so typical that I can't enter just because I'm under 18... It was like that last year too, when I was going to a Postgirobygget concert, but no...

So after walking around a bit being quite frustrated, we eventually went back to the railway station... but all in all it was a nice trip, even though the highlight of the day would have been THE KOOKS! I even wore my Kooks t-shirt.... And I also brought my autograph book, which is pretty much empty, but atleast I hoped that if I had some luck, the Kooks could be the first to sign it :P but, it is still being empty, and I guess it will be that for quite a long time...
On the other side though, we saw three Norwegian male celebrities... But I just didn't care :P

On the way home I was still feeling quite depressed, and next to me there was sitting this drueling old man... nice... :

But I bought two new CD's :D :D :D and two pair of sunglasses actually... it just seems like I can't get enough of them... and their even bigger than the last pair I bought xD Haha^^

but, me and Silje have promised ourselves, that the next time we're going to see the Kooks, is it going to be in England :]

I guess that was all I had on my mind for now..
so goodnight x)

tirsdag 19. februar 2008

My Tuesday....

Today I was suppose to go to the mall with a friend, but I didn't go after all, because I had a headache :[

After doing pretty much nothing, I decided to watch a film, so I put on the film "Amelie from Montmartre", but after watching about 20 minutes of it, my bestfriend called, so that was pretty much the end of that film.. I guess I will watch the rest later, but right now I'm not in the mood :P So after talking to her for about 1 hour I had to go, because my mum was going to pick me up so we could go to my grandmum..
So I have been at my grandmum's till now, and on the way home we also visited my other grandparents :)

And right now I talked to Sigrid on the phone telling me that KISS is coming to Norway :D :D I freaked out xD I just have to go :D :D :D

Kiss is coming to Norway :O

IS COMING TO NORWAY :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


I am so going to be there no matter what!!!! :D :D :D

Survey anyone?

Right now I'm so frikken bored i just took this survey :]

1. What is your best friends name? Lise
2. What color underwear/boxers wearing now? Babyblue
3. What are you listening to right now? The Libertines – Time for Heroes
4. Whats your favorite number? 9
5. What was the last thing you ate? A kiwi
6. If you were a crayon what color would you be? green
7. How is the weather right now? dark and cold
8. Who was the last person you talked 2 on the phone? dad
9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Appearance and hair
10. Do you have a significant other? no
11. Favorite TV show? Family Guy atm
12. Siblings? 1 big brother
13. Height? 1.65
14. Hair color? Dark blonde, goldish with a touch of red.. I have no idea how to describe it.
15. Eye Color? brown
16. Do you wear contacts? no
17. Favorite Holiday? Summer holiday
18. Month? july
19. Have you ever cried for no reason? Not that I can think of
20. What was the last movie you watched? “Amadeus” at school
21. Favorite Day of the Year? Birthday or christmas
22. Are you too shy to ask someone out? probably
23. Can you do a headstand (not using the wall)? Yes
24. Hugs or Kisses? both
25. Chocolate or Vanilla? chocolate
26. What books are you reading? Not reading any right now
27. Piercings? ears
28. Favorite movies? Lots! Films about the ww2 among others… and HP, The Terminal, Forest Gump, Requiem for a dream and I can go on.
29. Favorite football Team? dunno
30. what were u doing before this? Reading Q magazine
31. Butter, Plain or Salted popcorn? salted
32. Dogs or cats? both
33. Favorite flower? Roses and forget-me-not
34. Been caught doing something you weren't supposed to do? Yes, probably
35. Do you have a best friend of the opposite sex? no
36. Who would you like to see right now? I dunno
37. Are you still friends with people from kindergarten? no
38. Have you ever fired a gun? Yes, an air rifle
39. Do you like to travel by plane? Yes :)
40. Right-handed or Left-handed? Righty
41. How many pillows do you sleep with? 2,5
42. Are you missing someone? My best friend
43. Do you have a Tattoo? no
44. Anybody on myspace that you'd go on a date with? :)

mandag 18. februar 2008

Hvordan hjernen min fungerer til tider....

Noen andre som har funnet ut av croissanter er noen ekstremt fascinerende bakevare skapninger som er så utrolig godt at de bare smelter på tunga? Det har nemlig jeg funnet ut skjønner du, for nå sitter jeg nemlig og spiser en :D

huff, det virker nesten som jeg skriver på bloggen bare når jeg inntar ett eller anna, men, der har du meg... Mulig jeg av en eller anna merkelig grunn går inn på bloggen hver gang jeg inntar noe, og deler mine matopplevelser med de som leser bloggen min. Så hvor heldig er ikke dere som får høre om mine matvaner? :P


Det var vel antageligvis ikke det jeg skulle dele med dere in the first place, men nå har jeg glemt hva jeg skulle skrive.. Det er ganske så typisk meg, at når jeg først begynner å prate om noe jeg ikke skal prate om, glemmer jeg hva jeg faktisk skulle prate om, og det er til tider ganske så irriterende.. Men da regner jeg vel bare med at det er sånn hjernen min har bestemt seg for å fungere, så da får jeg leve med det :] For som regel dukker det opp hva jeg faktisk skulle fortelle, enten det tar minutter, timer eller dager før det skjer...

men siden jeg glemte hva det var jeg skulle fortelle, er det vel ikke så mye mer å skrive her....

Så hadet bra :]

TE slurping nok engang x)

Nei nå tenkte jeg at jeg skulle skrive et lite innlegg på norsk igjen.. Selvom det betyr enda mer babbling fra meg, men det får de som skulle ha noe interesse av å lese denne bloggen bare leve med :P Nå sitter jeg altså i mitt oransje og grønne rom og traller til Bloc Party :] Ganske så koselig det, men jeg kjenner at jeg begynner å bli litt sugen på te :D og da er det vel egentlig bare en ting å gjøre, og det er å lage seg litt te.. :D :D :D

5 minutter senere:

Nå sitter jeg med min kjære svarte tekopp og slurper i vei.. HAHA^^ :] også sitter jeg med mitt deilige brune, mjuke fleecepledd fordi den dumme ovnen ikke funker helt som den skal.. eller den gjør det, men den vil liksom ikke høre på meg når jeg vil at det skal være på, og når den er av, er det vanligvis ganske bra temperatur i rommet : Snåle greier egentlig, men da er jo pleddet mitt redningen :D

Og ellers skjer det ganske lite i heimen..

Yoghurt nuts...Mmmmm :]

Then the week starts, but without any school for me :] So today have I been home alone the whole day, listening to music while cleaning my room :) I'm quite proud about that, 'cause I've been saying to myself probably the last two weeks that I have to do it, but now is it finally done:)
I also cleaned my closet and I found lots of socks that were missing a partner... Poor little socks :P I wonder where their partners can be.....

I've also been eating nuts. I like nuts :] hehe, well, right now I'm quite into these yummy nuts called yoghurt nuts :) You should really try them! :D

And you have my permission to blame me if you get addicted ;)

Today is it lovely weather outside. For each day that goes by I get more and more spring feeling, and I can't wait for the ice to melt :) and some parts of the road is actually all dry already... So I only wish the sun will keep up the good work and get rid of the ice :D

søndag 17. februar 2008

A better Sunday than usual :]

Yet again a sunday.. It's unbelievable how fast a weekend flies by.. But this time it's not as sad as usual (:P) as I have holiday this upcoming week :D

I have been quite lazy today aswell, and right now am I sitting in my green sofa drinking tea and reading the newest issue of Q magazine :D Quite interesting if I may say so :P

Later today am I planning to watch the film "Sophie Scholl: The Final Days" :]
I already have a feeling I will be quite a film geek this holiday :D But as I probably won't have anything better to do, I would say it's nice to just watch a film every now and then :D

This is my sunday so far,
So i'll be back ;)

lørdag 16. februar 2008

Today is the very first day of the holiday and I slept in :D I feel quite lazy, but hey, I deserve to do that after week after week with bossy teachers and boring days at school :P

Anyway... I haven't done anything today, which make me feel even more lazy. I have pretty much been walking around with my stripy jumper and leggings in my room listening to music and done God knows what the whole day... but after all it's holiday which means HAPPY TIMES :D

YAY :D You just got to love these guys :D

Random Survey

Do you have any pets?Nope
What color shirt are you wearing? A stripy one
Name three things that are physically close to you:

My laptop, a postcard and a Kings of Leon CD cover
Are you or were you a good student? I guess

Do you enjoy sleeping late?
YES :D but feel quite lazy :P
What's the weather like right now? Cold
Who tells the best jokes? You tell me, and we’ll see if I laugh xD
What was the last thing you dreamed about? Something weird

Do you believe in luck? yes
What's your favorite food? fondue
Is your room messy? I would say so, yes x)
Are you a good guesser? sometimes
Can you read other people's expressions? Naah, I don’t think so

When was the last time you showered? This morning
What do you plan on doing tomorrow? nothing
What's your favorite day of the week and why? Friday because it’s the beginning of the weekend :]
Do you have any nicknames? Nope
What's your least favorite color? Pink actually
Is there someone you have been constantly thinking about? If yes, who? Hmmm, no.. and if it was I wouldn’t tell :p

Would you ever go skydiving? YES, I would love to! :D
What toothpaste do you use? Colgate ;)
Do you enjoy challenges? Depends what kind
What's the worst injury you have had? Almost a broken big toe. Haha
What's the last movie you saw? "Amadeus" at school
What do you want to know about the future? Nothing really
Who was the last person you spoke over the phone to? sigrid
What's your favorite school subject? History and Spanish

What's your least favorite school subject? Math and history & philosophy
Would you rather have money or love? Love
What is your dream vacation? Anywhere but Norway with lots of friends :D
What is your favorite animal? Panda, monkey or a wombat :D
What's the last sporting event you watched?

Hehe, a few minutes of a boxing match on the telly xO
Do you listen to the radio? Rarely.. there are just crappy channels

Have you ever caught a butterfly? yes
What color are your bed sheets? red
What's your ringtone? Jimi Hendrix – Ezy Rider
Who was the last person to make you laugh? Can’t remember
Do you have any obsessions right now? Music?

Do you watch cartoons? Family Guy :D
Have you ever sat on a roof? yes
Have you ever been to a different country? yes
Do you like sushi? yup
Do you believe in magic? Sort of ;)

kaapooof, I'm off xD

fredag 15. februar 2008


Then it was winterholiday (FINALLY), and I finally have some time off from school :D Good times!

I don't really have any plans for my holiday though, but probably just relax and being with friends :) Next weekend will my best friend Lise come and stay at my place so that will be nice :D I haven't seen her in such a long time xO

Today at school was okay. I had 45 minutes of Spanish which I actually enjoy learning, and the rest of the day we watched a film in the norwegian lesson. We were suppose to have P.E the last lesson, but as the film lasted for about 3 hours (!), we watched the film instead :] The film was called Amadeus and was about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's life.. I'm not really into classic music (except some soundtracks), but the film wasn't actually not too bad :) And it was a nice ending on the last day before the winter holiday. And the best thing is that we don't have to write an analyses or anything about it, 'cause believe it or not, the teacher let us watch the film just so we could learn something about Mozart without any cruel intentions xD

But I'm hungry, so I think I'll go and find something to eat :D

torsdag 14. februar 2008

What do I not take a picture of? :P
Shot in London 2006 :]

Happy Valentine's Day♥

Today is it the 14th February which means Valentine's Day. In Norway we don't really celebrate it much, but it has become quite commercial in stores and such. It's probably nice for people who actually have a boyfriend/girlfriend to celebrate it, but other than that I would say it is a bit overrated. Or atleast in Norway where we have just taken the "celebration" from America...

And the other point is, why not show love every day instead of setting off a day to do it? Not that we don't do it the rest of the year, but it has become a bit overrated just because it is Valentine's Day. Just for the record, I speak on Norway's behalf as we don't really celebrate it, but it has still got so commercial. I know it is big in the US and it probably mean more to people there, but what do I know...?

Now the few (or none) people who read this think I'm totally against Valentines day xD But I'm not! :D hehe...

Anyway, when that's said,


onsdag 13. februar 2008

Kings of Leon, Tea And Delicious Sausagetopping.

Then was the Wednesday soon over, and here I'm sitting, listening to Kings of Leon, eating a slice of bread with this extremely delicious sausagetopping bought at Lidl and drinking tea :] It can seem to be quite cosy, but the thing is that I am extremely bored, which is probably the reason why I'm writing here.

Today at school we had English the whole day, so it wasn't too bad. We watched this film called "The Constant Gardener" which was sort of interesting except for the last 3o minutes when I was so hungry I couldn't concentrate :P But the film wasn't too bad, but it was a bit confusing at times so I became a bit lost about the story plot. The main character was played by Ralph Fiennes, who I think is worth to mention as he was, after all playing Voldemort in the Harry Potter films :D and I looove them :]

That's about pretty much all that has been happening around here at the moment. I think I'll might be heading to bed soon as I'm starting to be a bit sleepy after all the tea I've been drinking.. It is weird with tea.. Sometimes I get more awake, and sometimes just sleepy... strange xD

and, I can't forget to mention,,,, 2 schooldays left :D

Baby Arctic Monkeys

Well, they're not babies here, but they're quite young.... and they are all extremely cute :)
from top left: Alex turner, Matt Helders, Nick O'Malley and Jamie Cook :]

Aren't they adorable?

Jeg vil til London...

Men neida...

Nå har jeg akkurat fått den tragiske nyheten om at det ikke blir noen London tur uansett.. Har ikke nevnt dette her på bloggen før, men for ikke så altfor lenge siden ble det planlagt tur til London for engelskklassene, og jeg meldte meg på med en gang. Den planlagte turen skulle være i begynnelsen av april hvor man skulle bo hos privatpersoner og besøke masse snasne saker og steder som vi ellers ikke hadde hatt muligheten til hvis det ikke var gjennom en sånn tur... men neida, ingen tur. Det fikk vi beskjed om for et par uker siden da det idiotiske utdanningsdirektoratet fikk det for seg at skolen skal være gratis. jaja, flotte greier det, men vi som dette gjelder for går faktisk på videregående skole, og fram til ifjor betalte vi for egne skolebøker.. Bullshit om at skolen skal være gratis! Dette vil da si ingen skoleturer eller noe som helt annet som kan koste en krone for hver enkelt elev.

Men selvfølgelig er det jo mange som var imot dette og gikk til avisa og greier, så da fant de ut at det kunne skje endringer. Så her om dagen var nok et møte, men det er visst tydeligvis enstemmig på stortinget om dette, så ingen tur til London for me :( Jeg blir litt trist jeg, for hadde gleda meg skikkelig....


Akkurat nå hater jeg skolepolitikken! Bullshit hele greia!

tirsdag 12. februar 2008

Noel Fielding...

Is just AWESOME!

I went to the gym... finally xD

Then I eventually went to the gym as I finished early at school today. I love the feeling when you're done working out, but that's pretty much all I love about it though.. It's not that I don't like to work out, it's just the way it is done.

As I've gone to the gym I go to for almost a year now, I'm starting to be quite bored of doing the same old exercises every single time. But I still manage to get through it.. The worst part is probably all the old sweaty men sitting by the exercise machines staring at every single arse of a female that comes in or goes out. I know every guy loves looking at bums, and there's nothing wrong with that ( ;) ), but these old men are quite disgusting if I may say so...

and on the other hand.. It smells sweat all over the place.. even though I can't expect anything else as it is a GYM... but, anyway.. it can be a bit too smelly sometimes :P

but back to the fact about how good it feels like when you've worked out :] One got to love that! It's like I've actually achieved something today xD

But I better go back to my homework <__<>

3 days left! :D

mandag 11. februar 2008

And I'm counting down days :)

Then it was only 4 days at school left before my winterholiday next week. YAY!
It's just too bad monday is the best day, and I still have Thursday left.. but, I'll survive.
What I was going to write, was that I just watched an episode of Never Mind The Buzzcocks. It's hilarious :D Not that any of you that actually read this would care, but I thought it was funny :]
I also watched an episode of Father Ted which was okay.. But I must say "the IT crowd" is way better :D I simply LOVE Roy in the IT crowd, plus that he has this cool irish accent :] hehe

anyway, enough about my fascination about british sitcoms.

Right now I really want crackers :) preferably with Brie! I LOVE brie :) I think that must be my favourite cheese... Just a random fact about me, for you readers.

Anyway, I better end this before I (yet again) write a whole lot of bullshit xD

so goodbye :]

søndag 10. februar 2008

Running away from my homework....

Right now I just want to run away from my homework, get on the first plane to England and hide in a cosy little cabin somewhere on the countryside and drink tea with natives :D

How cool wouldn't that be? xD


I love sunglasses, as I always have!

And I would like to say, the bigger the better (About sunglasses! :P lol)

In all sort of shapes and colors! They're just too cool!

I really want Murph's sunglasses! In all different colors! :D

So far i think I have about 8 sunglasses, even though I don't use more that 2 of them xD HAHA^^ I'm weird :)

I simply love sunglasses! :D

Camden Market :(

Et marked i London brenner, og det er ikke bare et hvilket som helst marked... Det er CAMDEN! :(

I går 9. februar rundt klokka 19.00 lokal tid brøt det ut brann på Camden Market, og det hele ser ut som et svært bål. Rundt 100 brannmenn prøver og slukke brannen, og på den høyeste har flammene vært ca 10 meter høye.
Foreløpig er det ingen som er blitt skadet.

Men så utrolig trist :(
Det har eksistert siden begynnelsen av 1970-tallet og det er utrolig mange koselige butikker, hus og puber der som står i fare.


Søndag igjen...

Da var det søndag igjen, og nok en gang sitter jeg med en haug med lekser jeg må gjøre :( Jeg liker det ikke.

Men heldigvis er det bare en uke igjen til vinterferien så jeg skal nok overleve den kommende uka også xD

Har egentlig ikke så veldig mye å skrive nå. Er litt småtrøtt og sitter og traller til Foo Fighters :) Jeg elsker sangen "Stranger Things Have Happened", også har jeg skikkelig lyst på albumet dems "Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace". Det ville vært fræsht å hatt det xD

Anywayzzz, back to my dearest homework :(

lørdag 9. februar 2008

I LOVE The Wombats!


J'aime les Wombats,
Quiero los Wombats,
Ich liebe das Wombats xD

Or something :)


And they're coming to Norway the 4th April, and guess who is going to be there? MEEEEE :D

I've had the ticket for about a month now, and I can't wait to "use" it, and go through the doors at John Dee in Oslo to see them live :) It's going to be awesome!

And their album is just fantastic :)


New album from the Kooks! Finally!

WEll, it won't be released before 14th April, but still! I just felt for sharing it here on my blog :D

The Kooks is just a brilliant band which I love so much :D Not only for having a gorgeous vocalist called Luke Pritchard with this amazing curly hair (:D), they also have these catchy tunes you just want to jump around to :) I just can't wait to hear what they've managed to made since their first album: Inside In/Inside Out.

Their new album will be called "Konk", which is also the name of the studio where they recorded it.
I already love one of their new songs, "I already miss you", so I'm curious if that will be on the album. I'll cross my fingers for it :D

fredag 8. februar 2008

Fredag og norsk framlegg :|

Da var det endelig fredag og bare en uke igjen til vinterferien :D Men før helga begynner må jeg ha to framlegg :/ NORSK framlegg! huffamei..
I det ene jeg skal og min gruppe på 4 spille en scene fra skuespillet "Jeppe på Bierget", og gjett hva jeg skal være? En trompet! :) Så der skal jeg stå foran hele klassa og improvisere en trompet.. hvor festlig blir ikke det?

I det andre derimot skal jeg ha et framlegg all by myself om et stusslig dikt skrevet av Petter Dass, og det har også noe med en trompet å gjøre... nemlig "Nordlands trompet"... Æsj, og jeg kan ingenting!


Life can be a bitch sometimes! :P

Men da stikker jeg,

så tuddelidu!

torsdag 7. februar 2008

Fagorientering xD

Ja, nok en torsdag er overstått før vinterferien og jeg er HAPPY :D
Idag har det vært en ganske så fin dag egentlig, til tross for at det er torsdag.
Alle elevene i 1. og 2. klasse har gått rundt i forskjellige klasserom for å høre om hva slags fag man kan velge neste år.. og det var ganske så interessant :D For i år var det nemlig noen nye fag man kunne velge, blant annet russisk xD

Hadde tenkt til å velge det i fjor, men da ble det ikke satt opp :/ Men i år derimot, var det det :D
Da jeg hørte at det var et to timers fag, var jo det egentlig ganske så flotters, for jeg hadde allerede funnet et fag jeg ville bytte ut historie & filosofi med...

Men neida, timen etterpå da jeg hadde fransk (det er fransklærern som har russisk også tydeligvis), var det tydeligvis ikke et to timers fag alikevel :/ I'm bummed! :(

menmen... er jo ganske ladd for å ha det, så får se om jeg tar det frivillig eller ikke xD Jau, du leste riktig; frivillig :P

Men da tror jeg at jeg stikker.. skal nemlig møte silje på maxi :D

onsdag 6. februar 2008

Working out isn't always fun...

Today is it Wednesday and I really should have gone to the gym... but (unfortunately) as lazy as I can be sometimes, I wasn't really bothered to be honest. BUT, for myself I have some excuses so it won't sound too bad that I skipped it :P

First, I've had a long day with History & Philosophy.. which pretty much says it all.
Second, for the first reason, I got a headache.
Third, it started to snow/rain alot when I got out of the school, and I didn't want to go to the gym in that weather (even though I had to walk home, which is almost the same distance).. but anyway..
and fourth, deep deep inside I'm getting tired of doing the same old excercises and such at the gym.. it sucks! I want it to be spring, so I can jog outside instead :D

So melt snow,, MELT! xD

tirsdag 5. februar 2008

Tirsdag kveld.....

Da sitter jeg altså her igjen og slurper i meg te :D Har akkurat lest 3 sider i Historie & Filosofi boka med det tragiske navnet "Tenkepauser" og har ikke skjønt en dritt av hva som står der. Samtidig hører jeg på Kate Nash, og traller med... som vanlig..
Det er ikke helt enkelt å konsentrere seg da, men er sikker på at uansett hvor stille eller bråkete det hadde vært, så hadde ikke jeg skjønt noe av det som står i den boka..

Imorra er det nemlig langdag i historie og filosofi, noe som jeg ikke gleder meg til i det hele tatt! Det blir rett og slett REN tortur :( menmen, sånn går det når man velger feil fag :/

Men da stikker jeg...

Så god natt :]

Jimi Hendrix - A Pure Genius :]

Akkurat nå sitter jeg og traller til Jimi Hendrix, så hvorfor ikke skrive en liten blogg om min fascinasjon for han xD

Jimi Hendrix var altså 60-tallets beste gitarist (og han hadde vært det enda, om han ikke hadde dødd så tidlig :( )

Han har sjukt mange fræshe sanger og i 1966-1969 var han med i gruppa The Jimi Hendrix Experience sammen med Noel Redding og Mitch Mitchell, og de hadde mange hits :D

Han hadde også mange snasne gitarer, men var mest kjent for å spille på en Fender Stratocaster :)

Og når jeg først traller til musikk, vræler jeg så og si rett ut, noe som ikke er helt nydelig å høre på.. men uansett :)

Hvis dere som leser detta ikke har hørt noe av Jimi Hendrix, må dere gjøre det! Hvis ikke går dere glipp av noe STORT!
Men da tusler jeg i dusjen.
Hejdå ;)

mandag 4. februar 2008

Matte og teavhengighet xD

Nå sitter jeg da her og sliter med matte :/ klokka er snart elleve og jeg kom på for sånn ca en halvtime siden at jeg har matteinnlevering imorra :( Meeeen, på den annen side sitter jeg og drikker te, så det er ikke ille :P

Te er en ganske så fascinerende ting skal jeg si deg, og det siste halve året (sånn circa), har jeg vært helt avhengig.. Men, det må være melk og sukker i teen! xD og det ble jeg hekta på da jeg var i London :D melk og sukker er nesten like viktig som teposen (bare nesten da, hvis ikke hadde det ikke blitt noe te :P) HAHA^^

uansett, det var alt jeg hadde på hjertet nå... hvis jeg fortsetter vil det bare bli skrevet ned masse bullshit, og tro meg, det vil dere ikke lese :)

Så hadet bra! ;)

and then it was back to school again :/

Well, right now I actually feel for writing english instead of norwegian xD not sure why really, but I just do.. so live with it! or it might just be that I like english better than norwegian sometimes :D

so far hasn't much been happening today.. went to school as usual and came 2 minutes late x) hehe... but I doubt the teacher really cared.
till today I had to prepare a presentation in history.. about the vikings : those guys are really starting to bug me... even though they were my dear forefathers :P lol
anyway, the teacher was going to pick out 3 girls and 3 boys to have the presentation, and as I was hoping to not be picked I hadn't prepared too much : but it's just so typical that I was chosen and had to stand there, all by myself infront of the class, talking about an archeology finding from the viking age.. but it went okay, and atleast I'm done with it xD

Right now I'm sitting here blogging (like you haven't already noticed :P), thinking about if I'm really bothered to begin with my french homework... naah, I'm not sure..
I'm also reading an old NME magazine and listening to Bloc Party :D

I don't really have much more to tell you about this day.. mondays are usually boring days, along with sundays.. I don't like sundays because they're the days before monday, and I don't like mondays because they're the days after sundays... I'm WEIRD xD

that's about it! Have a nice monday, and I might blog more later today x)

søndag 3. februar 2008

Da var det søndag...

Da tenkte jeg at jeg skulle skrive et ordentlig blogginnlegg :)

Ja, idag er det da altså søndag; en dag jeg ikke er så veldig glad i.. er ikke helt sikker på hvorfor, men antageligvis siden det er dagen før mandag og at helga er over... eller enkelt og greit, "leksedagen" som jeg også kaller den :/ triste greier..

Uansett... denne søndagen her er egentlig ikke noe unntak når det gjelder lekser.. jeg er jo ganske så flink til å utsette ting, og har også gjort det denne gangen... med historie leksene... men nok om de..

Idag har jeg vært på ishockey kamp.. litt fræsht det, selvom det er ganske så kaldt i hallen..
Denne gangen dro jeg dit med min kjære pappa faktisk, for han hadde fått tak i noen VIP billetter fra jobben sin, og det inkluderte middag :] Så der satt vi og stappa i oss en slags risotto/kylling gryte sak før kampen begynte.. Det var faktisk overraskende godt xD hehe

Kampen var mellom Storhamar og Frisk-Asker og det var ganske så jevnt hele veien, helt til Frisk-Asker scorte sitt siste mål og vant 6-5.. Men helt ærlig så bryr jeg meg ikke så veldig.

Anyway... har egentlig ikke så veldig mye mer på hjertet nå... tviler på at noen egentlig kommer til å lese om min stusslige søndag.

æææsj, får komme tilbake og blogge litt senere jeg...

Så toodles ;)

fredag 1. februar 2008

Min aller FØRSTE blogging :D

Ja, da har jeg også fått meg blogg gitt xD Så hvis dere som plutselig av en eller annen merkelig grunn skulle havne her på sida mi, tenker at jeg har hobbyproblemer får skylde på Sigrid ( Det var tross alt hu som fikk putta denne ideen om en blogg inn i huet mitt :) Men uansett.. Det virker jo litt koselig med en sånn her blogg også, selv om jeg ikke skulle ha peiling på hva jeg skal skrive til enhver tid, så dere får regne med mye bullshit :P