søndag 5. april 2009

pakking på gang

All yesterday and today I've been wandering around in a pyjamas. Not any pyjamas though, but a pyjamas that doesn't look like a pyjamas.. well, maybe a bit, but more of a old fashioned one. And in old times they dressed pretty nicely when they went to bed (not that they don't do that today as well, but you hopefully know what I mean). So I guess this could be called a nice pyjamas, as it is a dress that probably can be used at day aswell... at least that was my case :p

I bought it when I was in Budapest actually and it was on sale.. And I can't restist sale :D

(Ignore the ugly carpet :p)

Anyway, right now I'm restless and little bit stressed out, because I have absolutely NO idea what to bring to London.. I made this packing list yesterday, but my problem is that I'm indecisive :/ oh well.

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