lørdag 14. juni 2008

The Departed and wrapped pizza

Hmm, today hasn't much been happening.. pretty much nothing really.. I made myself some pizza for dinner, as I'm all alone at home and all.. Not any pizza though, but Marit's wrapped pizza :D Yes, a wrapped pizza is also called Calzone, but the one I make doesn't really look like a calzone so then I prefere to call it wrapped.. :) Or maybe it does look like one, but anyway..

While eating this quite delicious wrapped thingy:

I watched the drama/thriller film The Departed.

That was a strange, but interesting film, and not the sort of genre I usually watch. It was sort of bang bang you're dead, but despite of that there were three awesome actors in it. Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson. And in my opinion that just has to make a film good xD

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