søndag 15. juni 2008

soaked wet =/

When I went to work this morning (11 o'clock, so luckily not too early), it was nice weather and the sun was shining.. That, apparently, didn't want to last. As the hours went by the skies became darker and darker and darker... When it was time for me to go home, it still hadn't begun to rain so I changed my clothes quick so I could try and get home before the rain started... but guess what!? The second I came out of the door it starts to rain! THE SECOND...! How typical is that.. So I'm soaked and the only thing that isn't wet is my hair, thanks to the scooter helmet... but still.. I feel like a drowned cat.. my hands are turquiose because of my green scarf (and god knows why). I guess I should be changing to some comfy clothes :)

And, I got my allowance today.. So I no longer feel I'm broke xD

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