torsdag 17. april 2008

Someone stabbed my bag :(

Yesterday I just wasn't bothered to write on my blog. Simply because I a) Was in Prague, b) I was exhausted and c) the internet connection at the hotel was acting strange anyway :P

But, I had a good day :) I was at the Communism museum which was interesting :) Somehow it fascinates me, all these -ism words :P So there I was wandering around at the museum reading the whole story about communism in Czech Republic in general and in Prague in particular :)

When I was there I suddenly noticed a big hole in my bag, and it turned out that someone had tried to rob me... without any luck, luckily :D But, the big hole had been probably made by a knife or something sharp.. it's scary to think that someone had stabbed a knife or anything like it through my bag, when I thought I was holding my bag tight 24/7... That fucking bastard who ruined my bag! :( but nothing was stolen, so I'm glad. too bad I only brought one bag with me to Prague... :/

After that I went to "shoe heaven" which also can be called Bata, which is a shoe store in 6 floors :O... but to be honest, it wasn't that interesting as I hoped it would be.. But I ended up buying myself some new trainers.. I really needed those x)

I also felt in love with the store NEW YORKER. Wow! it was a huge store, and for some reason it was loads of norwegians in there... As my parents were waiting outside the store and were waiting impatiently to go and eat lunch, I almost had to run through the store, and I ended up buying some sunglasses (because I managed to forget my sunglasses at home :(), and some leggings... I wish I had more time there.

I also went to a HUGE CD/DVD music store where I bought a couple of buttons and two posters... And not any posters, but ARCTIC MONKEYS and JIMI HENDRIX :D So the first thing I did when I came home was to put them up on my wall.. or atleast one of them, because my wall is already stuffed with God knows what :P So right now my Arctic Monkeys poster is put up in the ceiling... Nice view when looking up then :D

I was at TESCO today.. it's strange that they had it there, in Prague. I bought a HUGE teacup with cows on it... cows rocks :P The alcohol was really cheap.. I saw the price of half a liter spirit, and it was about 33Kroner/3£/7$... it's pathetical cheap...! xD

In the evening we ate on a Belgian resturant, and I ate snails... call me weird, but I love it :D

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