torsdag 17. april 2008

Today I had to get up earlier than the other days.... I was extremely tired... We had to postpone our breakfast a bit, because where they served the breakfast at the hotel there was lots of retired french people taking up all the tables... x)

I then went for a last shopping round at the nearest store, and ended up buying A LOT of tea at the supermarket.

I also got spoken to by random people, and as I don't understand Czech, I feel quite awkward standing there nodding and excusing myself for not speaking it.. it's strange... it was like that when I was in Berlin too. Many people decided to stop someone to speak to, so why not me? the foreign girl who don't understand the language :P

But then we were off to the airport.. but before doing so, I had to have one last coffee from Starbucks :D

On the airport everything went good, and I got smooth through the control without any beeping. And I think that is the first time ever where it don't beep when I'm coming through on neither of the ways. I was relieved... I hate being grabbed on by the scary security guards :P

but then I'm off.. school tomorrow unfortunately :( but then is it weekend though :D

Tuddelidu! :)

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