tirsdag 15. april 2008

Dancing houses? oh, sure...

Prague is HUGE! I've been walking around alot today, and almost got lost, and there's hundreds of groups following a guide with either a colorful umbrella, a huge flower stick or other things to show that they're the guide.. it's almost funny. So far I've seen lots of brits, frenchmen, spanish people and pretty much people of any nationality.

Today we went up in Prague Castle and walked over the Charles Bridge. I also was at a second-hand shop which I love :D Second-hand shops are quite fascinating places.. there they have tons of old, mostly ugly clothes, but among all the ugliness you can find some interesting pieces of clothes. It's strange to go through pieces of clothes after clothes and look at all the strange things people actually have wore... anyway.. I ended up buying some scarfs thingys, and it was really cheap... I like the prices down here :)

We went into a crypt under a church and we saw the so-called "dancing houses", which is some houses that apparently look like they're dancing together..

We were at a market where I bought some really cheap strawberries :) I LOVE strawberries.

that's pretty much it.. I'm not bothered to write anymore right now, because I'm so bloody tired :P

goodnight :)

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