onsdag 9. april 2008

oooh, my scooter is behaving well today :D I guess all it needed was some more petrol xD

today I began at 10am and I had a mock exam in english.. not good :/ but I managed to write a few pages. When I sat there struggling with the task, I look out, and it's SNOWING! Much! :/ All I could think about was my poor scooter, standing outside, getting wet and snowy.. but when I eventually was done with the paper, the snow hadn't get stuck to the ground, but my scooter was wet, and so became my arse on the way home :P

Now I'll soon be off to the bank, as I have an appointment there with a woman who wants to talk to me about me getting a Visa card... how very exciting :S

So then I'm off :)

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