onsdag 9. april 2008

Buttons :D Music buttons ;)

After school I went into town with my scooter (which was still behaving good :P) and went to the bank... that was quite boring, but as a "present" from the bank, you get three giftcard on cinema tickets, a pen (oh yeah :P) and a cardholder. So lucky me ;)

On the way back to where I had parked my scooter I went into this crappy recordstore just to look. And there they had buttons xD and as there was a few with Jimi Hendrix on, i just had to buy them :P

Here they are. Crappy quality on the picture, but you see :) Two with Jimi Hendrix, and one with the british flag/union jacket :)
I also went to the library, and guess what books I found there? Two biographies about Jimi Hendrix, and one about Pete Doherty... I feel like such a musicgeek :D But it might not be as bad as it sounds though..
I'm listening to The Beatles at this very moment :) I really get in a good mood when listening to those guys :)
What music do you listen to, to get in a good mood? :)

3 kommentarer:

Åsne sa...

hvilke kino billetter fikk du da?:P

Marit sa...

det var gavekort da Åsne, så bestemmer det selv liksom.

Åsne sa...

åhh , heldig da..!