tirsdag 8. april 2008


awww, I feel so lazy.. I was suppose to work out today, but instead I went for a walk.. a quite long one too.. So I'm not that lazy.. but still.. I really should have been at the gym. While taking a walk with my faithful friend; the MP3 player, I went to a store on the way home to buy a frame.

You might wonder why I bought a frame? Well, let me tell you:
When my bestfriend turned 18 I made her a collage with lots of photos of us through the years (pretty much our entire lives) and then I wanted to make a collage with The Wombats.. Or not The Wombats, but their autographs, my pictures with them (only two of them :( ) and the ticket to the gig ofcourse :D (oh yeah, I feel quite creative for a change) And then I needed a frame ;) So now I'm done, and it's papercut all over the place. I better take it away, as my room is messy enough already :P

That's the story of the day :P

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