mandag 14. april 2008

and I'm still enjoying Prague :)

wow! yet another day in Prague has gone by, and I'm having a great time here :) It has been lovely weather (I would almost consider it as summer weather, but it's still just a very warm spring :P). It's said to be rainy weather the next few days, so I guess I have to enjoy the good weather while I can :) Today have we been a bit all around town, and being to this HUGE castle. Me and my dad also went up a tower called The Powder Tower, so that was interesting. After walking ALOT, and not really knowing what we had done, we went back to the hotel. Btw; yesterday we got the wrong room we had ordered, but today we got the one we actually had ordered.. a room consisting of two rooms and a bathroom between (which means I have my very OWN room :D). And not only that, it was a doublebed in my room! :D So I think I'll have a very good night of sleep tonight :)

I also went to two huge shoppingcenters which is right down the street from the hotel, and there I went to Topshop and after that I went to Starbucks to drink this delicious beverage with Frappuchino Chocolate Cream :D Happy times, I would call it ;) For dinner, we and the women that joined us in the car on the way to the airport, joined us for dinner to a typical czech restaurant. It was some sort of bar/restaraurant and I really felt like the odd one out, as I was probably the only one under 20 there, among lots of old folks in their 40s, 50s and 60s... strange...

That's pretty much what there is to say so far.
Nighty Night :]

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