søndag 13. april 2008

My first day in Prague :)

What a long day it has been! I woke up at 6am today (or I was waken up partly by my mum stressing around and partly by my stupid alarm). So after eating a bit and then getting ready, we went off to the airport. A woman at my dad's work and her neighbour was going to drive with us in our car, as they also were going to Prague at the same time. I had never met or seen them before, and I had to sit in the backseat with them, really wanting to sleep for a while, but that was kinda hard, as I was sqeezed in the middle... oh joy... :/

We eventually got to the airport and off we went.. I love being on an airplane.. I don't know why really, but I just do. Especially right before the plane is going to land, and you see the landscape closer and closer as closer you get to the ground.

After getting to the hotel and putting our luggage in our room, we went out for a little walk; just to get to know parts of the town a little bit better. They have quite a few huge shopping senters here, and they have a few British brand stores here too; such as Mark's & Spencer, Tesco and believe it or not: TOPSHOP! (SIGRID! Det er Topshop her!!! :D :D :D)

I also got to see this sign when I walked down a street: (yeah, I know it is american)

Guess if I became happy?

I'm not a Starbucks addict or anything (would be hard, as we don't have Starbucks in Norway), but already right after my dad had ordered tickets, I had to check on Starbucks website if they had Starbucks in Prague... and they hadn't... So, when I saw this sign earlier today, I was surprised :D and I love Starbucks coffee :D Especially the Frapuccino :D

After wandering around for a while, suddenly this quite charming guy with a hot English accent started talking to me, and ask me if I knew how to drive a bike.. hmmm.. well, it turned out that he works with a bike renting thing in Prague, and as I was from Norway and had got there today it was free or something for me.. hehe... but I wasn't really interested in driving around in Prague on a bike with my parents...but it was sort of interesting that the first person I would speak to in Prague was English :)

Me and my parents didn't do much of sightseeing today, as we just walked around, going in to a few stores and such.. my mum is crazy about all this Czech crystal they have here (which I'm not that interested in to be honest), and in one store we went into, I felt we were almost being stalked by all the three employees there.. creepy.. They wanted to show us everything we lied our eyes on, and especially this guy with his shirt a bit too open...

For lunch I ordered a dish that was quite cheap (almost EVERYTHING is cheap here) so I thought it wouldn't be that much food, as I wasn't very hungry. But there I was wrong... xO I also drank my very first Czech beer (which tasted like piss!), but then I've tried that :P

All in all so far, Prague is a lovely city, and I'm looking forward to actually do some sightseeing and shopping the next few days :D

But then I better be off to bed, as it's rise and shine early tomorrow :)


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Sigrid sa...

Topshop! <3 Jeg vil også være der! Du er heldig du! :P