mandag 31. mars 2008

Yet another monday, and I barely managed to get out of the bed this morning =/ When I eventually came to school looking like a halfsleeping sloth, it turned out that my spanish teacher wasn't there, so we got the lesson off :) I wanted to go home and sleep, but I wasn't really bothered, so instead I went to the supermarket to buy something to eat (as I hadn't had time to eat any breakfast) with a friend. That was a nice start of the day, even though it would have been better to be home hugging my pillow :P
After the english lesson (which was rather boring) we had 75 minutes off (including lunchtime). Then it was off to the history & philosophy class which I HATE, but believe it or not; I actually understood what we had about today. YAY :P
btw: The snow is almost gone.. or atleast about 98,5% of it :P

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