tirsdag 25. mars 2008

School :(

Argh, it's school again today.. The day went okay, but when I woke up it was snowing.. not just a bit, but A LOT! It was all white outside and you could barely see the sky because of all the snow coming down... It was really depressing, because usually after Easter is it bare ground and the spring is coming, but this year (probably because it's quite early Easter) it's still winterly :( I hate it! So on the way to school today, I got covered in snow :/

But I'm now back home again and I have the day off tomorrow :D It's so nice :D Even though i have to go to Andrea and work on a project with her and Ingvild.. but oh well..

I wish I owned a dream machine.. If there's anything like that which actually exists..?! I've heard they've made a machine where you apparently can tell what you want to dream about by scanning pictures or something.. But that's over in Asia... It would have been cool to try one though.. hehe

So to make this post even more weird I'll tell you what I dreamt about last night.. or was it this night? I'm not sure :S
I dreamt I was somewhere in the UK or England (I quite like those dreams where you're abroad, and especially in the UK as there are so many cosy houses there :) ) anyway, I was there, and I think I was invited to a tea party.. Not sure who invited me, but I think there were someone around my age.. And that's pretty much what my dream was about, because I usually forget details :P


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Agnethe sa...

Haha, du er så morsom, Marit x]

Marit sa...

Haha.. Takktakk Agnethe xD