mandag 24. mars 2008

Some random shite I want to share =)

I managed to put these stuff together.. it's just random really, but I like those things :)
So, just a few words about why I picked them:
The green guitar: Firstly, it is GREEN which I love, and it is a guitar :) I quite like guitars.
The Jimi Hendrix t-shirt: It pretty much says it all. It's Jimi Hendrix on a t-shirt :) I want one!
The ribbon bow: not any specific reason. Just thought it was cute and it's checked :)
The London button thingy: I simply LOVE London and thinks the flag is pretty cool too!
The other guitar: It's very similar to the one I have, except it is probably another brand as mine was quite cheap.
The Cowboy hat: I just find them a bit cool :P It would be cool to have one in green xD The Wombats bought some in fresh colors when they were in Austin, Texas :) I want to go there to the same store xD
The uniform: It's the English uniform, and The Libertines wore those in certain music videos e.g "Up The Bracket". And I'm also quite fascinated by britain in general.
The Jimi Hendrix lunchbox: I'd say it would be quite cool to bring your lunch in a Jimi Hendrix lunchbox even though it's quite big.. or you can just put other things in it :) it still has Jimi Hendrix on it :D
The red polkadot dress: I think it's really cute, but I'm not sure if I would look good in one.. I think it is the one Kate Nash has and I LOVE her style in clothes :)
The t-shirt with text: I like the text: LET IT ROCK LET IT ROLL and it's colorful. It's as simple as that :D

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