lørdag 29. mars 2008

Preparations for my birthdayparty :]

Wow! It's the first time ever I haven't started to "cry" while cutting onions :D Or, almost though.. it might came a little tear in the corner of the eye :P

Impressing huh? naah, didn't think so..

Today me and Lise got up at around 12 when we should've got up waay earlier, as we have quite alot to do before me celebrating my birthday tonight :D After eating breakfast and such we evenutally went to the supermarket to buy the last ingredients and the brownies is now in the oven and it smells brownies all around me :D mmmm

I don't really have much more to write here.. so instead of writing down a pile of bullsh*t I'll get going and I hope you'll have a nice evening:)

I know I will xD

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