tirsdag 7. juli 2009

What I do all day long is looking at cars

Most of the day when I walk around cleaning, saying hello to everbody or cut vegetables, I see cars. There's cars all over the place + salesmen talking about cars. So, after cleaning between lots of cars, I've now learnt lots of new car brands and if I don't think about all the technique and such, I sorta know what kind of car I'd love to have.

I'd love to have a Ford Fiesta in this color:
Or a Focus in this color:

Lovely colors huh? :p

Anyhow, enough about cars..

As I've mentioned in an earlier blogpost, I love the film Gran Torino. Lately I've also fallen in love with the Theme song, sung by none other than the director AND maincharacter in the film: Clint Eastwood! He sings along with Jamie Cullum though, but it's a really nice song, and it's even better if you've seen the film first :)

Couldn't find the song on youtube, but if you've got Spotify, you can listen to it HERE ;)

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