søndag 7. desember 2008

Lately I haven't had anything blogable to blog about and therefore I haven't been bothered :) This weekend I've stayed at my bestfriend's near Oslo, and yesterday we were off to a shoppingcenter nearby. It was time for me to do some christmas shopping! :D

Friday night we went to a birthdayparty.. a huge party with lots of good food. I didn't know many there, but it was fun :) ended up taking care of my bestfriend and her drunk friends though :p oh joy! xD
As it's soon christmas, the stores has begun to have the sundays open which is nice :)

Today we went to Oslo to do some more christmas shopping before I went back home to Hamar. I ended up buying 5 CDs actually :] There was a huge sale at store and I went pretty much mental :D

We also ended up watching a film called "Loverboy". Sort of a sick film about a mother who wants the perfect child..

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Anna sa...

Jeg kommer til å bli smellfeit av den sjokoladen.
Åh, jeg vil også shoppe, bare så synd jeg mangler pengerpengerpenger!