torsdag 6. november 2008

Today has been a quite nice day, when you don't count school ofcourse ;) After school I was in a hurry as I was asked by my boss at the hospital to work as a waitress, when it was premiere on an opera show called Tosca. Me and Anna, who also works there were the two who were gonna serve almost 100 people champagne.

Before I got there I was a bit nervous actually, as I have no experience working as a waitress whatsoever, and when I think about serving champagne I can imagine it being in glasses on small plates. And that would only result in me managing to slip the plate or something. But I turned out to be wrong and the whole thing went pretty well. Lots of strange, but cultural people were smalltalking to eachother before the premiere, and at three tables there were canapees. Tasty looking canapees :p

Anyway, after giving out all the glasses, I went around asking if they wanted refill.. oh, how exciting.

There were both more than enough canapees and champagne, so me and Anna got a bottle of champagne and some canapees to bring home :D

So right now I'm studying spanish and enjoying tasty canapees :) NAM :D

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