tirsdag 18. november 2008


Today’s lipgloss/lipbalm: Chapstick Tropical Twist :)
Today’s perfume/shampoo/lotion etc: Esteé Lauder – Pleasures Delight, Puma lotion, Sunsilk shampoo.
Today’s shoes: a pair of black boots
Today’s jewellery: pearl earrings
Last newspaper you read: HA
Last CD you listened to: Jimi Hendrix – First Rays of The New Rising Sun
Last film you watched: Legally Blonde
Last book you read: can’t remember
Last trip abroad you went on: London! :D or hang on, it was actually Denmark.
Last tea/coffee you drank: Twinings Four Red Fruits with sugar and milk.
Last website you visited before this blog: ebay.co.uk x)

3 kommentarer:

Vebjørn sa...

Mhm, har du høyrt siste plata? :-)

Vebjørn sa...

Stilig - er bedre enn dei forrige ;:

henke sa...

løøøøw them!