lørdag 1. november 2008

Happy Halloween! Even though we don't really celebrate this day big in Norway.

But still.. The historytest we were going to have today never happened... Let's just say we have a very nice teacher, and the ones who actually turned up to have the test managed to persuade the teacher not to have the test. Which was an easy case :p

As it's Halloween today, me and two friends thought it would be nice to watch a scary film, to sort of "celebrate" in our own way. So off we went to rent a film, and ended up with a film called The Amityville Horror (2005). Apparently it was based on a true story. It was not too good, but it was scary. And when it comes to horrorfilms I'm such a wimp anyway. I got scared, and after watching it, home I walked, all by myself along with my MP3 player. Even though I got a bit frustrated at the lamp posts not being on, I got home safe :) And the sky was all full of stars :D

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