lørdag 25. oktober 2008

Denmark - tour/retour - Frederikshavn

Hmm, let's see. Well I just got back from Denmark, after being there for about 24 hours.. not in Denmark, but on the ferry. It was said to be storm, but it wasn't too bad. Luckily :) I wouldn't like being seasick.

The trip was payed by the hospital, as it was business, not pleasure :p And I don't say no thanks to a free trip to Denmark :) It was me and Anna, and a bunch of crazy, drunk 30-50 years old people.

For dinner there's were loads of delicious food. Or atleast I think it was. Because my taste buds are pretty much disabled at the moment. So none of the good looking food (hehe) I ate tasted a thing. Very depressing to be honest :( so on the other side of the table, Anna told me how good the food tasted :(

In the bar at the boat it was 80's evening, and a weird band was the entertainment for the night. There was also a disco there, but typically it was 20 years age limit. Annoying :/

I had one drink though. Didn't taste much either, but I think it was good.. haha

Me and Anna went mental in the duty-free shop. I bought lots of candy (too much), but I just had to... I can't resist chocolate you know :p Hopefully some of it will last til Christmas x)

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