onsdag 20. august 2008

Today we had the first real schoolday. It was nice to have two short days in the beginning, and not just begin right away.
It wasn't too bad, even though I was extremely tired when I eventually got up. The rain way pouring down, so by the time I got to school, me and my scooter were soaking wet =/

And then it was all about show and tell xD
As said I had no idea what to bring, so I ended up bringing a CD.. not the most exciting thing to bring maybe, but I'm crazy about music, so at least it says something about me :) Not any CD either, but Jimi Hendrix.. He's a genius! :D

Then it was gym lesson.. luckily the weather got clearer because I wouldn't like to go jogging outside in the rain... oh God.. I'm talking about the weather.. definately a sign/hint to myself to shut up and just publish this post..

Adios! :)

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