onsdag 20. august 2008

my grandma's loft :)

Today has been a rather ordinary day, other than the fact that I went to my grandmother along with my mum after school.
After eating dinner I decided to explore her loft. I've been up there lots of times just to look, but now I decided to dig deeper :P In one of the rooms there's all these boxes with clothes. From when my mum was young and also from my great grandmother and father. On one side there's this long clothing rod, where it probably were hanging at least 40 coats and jackets. In one huge box there was extremely many shirts my greatgrand father or my granduncles used in their days. And another one with many dresses :D
After several hours and a lot of dust flying around I ended up with:
5 belts
9 scarves
1 shirt
2 skirts and
7 dresses :D

And all this for free :D hehe...

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