onsdag 27. august 2008

Latin and shorter hair...

Today I had my last lesson in latin. After having it 5 lessons à 90 minutes, I found out I'm hopeless, and that there's not point in even trying to learn it.. It's a dead language and I'm not gonna study medicine.. So what's the point? :P And it doesn't make me feel less stupid when the rest of the class is super smart x)

But I still didn't get the subjects I wanted so I'm a bit angry at the school counsellor :/ :(

Oh well.. Today I had the whole day with latin, which wasn't really a point as I quit the class. The good thing though was that I got home early.

3 o'clock I had an appointment at the hairdresser. I'm so sick of my hair.. it's simply flat and ugly, so I had to do something about it xD

It begin with the hairdresser analysing my hair for about 10 minutes to figure out what kind of shampoo I should use.. oh well, I'm already pleased with the shampoo I'm already using, so there was no chance I was gonna buy an expensive shampoo.

So after some cutting it looked like this:


But now I'm off to go jogging :D

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