mandag 11. august 2008

The hospital is a strange place

After working at the hospital for about 4 weeks, I just have to mention that there's lots of strange people there. And strange things going on there too for that matter. Anyway, not only strange people are there, but also lots of nice nurses and other employees. One of the first days at work I noticed this guy/doctor looking exactly like Matthew "Murph" Murphy from The Wombats. He had the same hair except his was a bit shorter, and he also was a bit chubbier than the real Murph. He also seemed to be a fun guy, so I might just have met one of Murph's twins :P

But it doesn't stop there. In the cafeteria, every single day (or at least all the days I worked there), there was this man looking like Jack Black. And another guy looking like Jack Nicholson. It was almost scary.. He was almost identical, but this man didn't have the exact same creepy look/stare that Jack Nicholson has. And thanks for that, because if that would've been the case I would've thought he was in the cafeteria himself :P

I can't believe how cocky and arrogant doctors can be. Yes, they do have a good education, and they are important in the society (just like all the other people who WORK), but I noticed that certain doctors thinks they're the head of the world... it's pretty disgusting, trust me.

And, there's one more thing. In the hospital there's all these creepy and empty corridors. I bet the whole house is hauted.. or, I know it must be haunted because after all, it is a HOSPITAL.

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