torsdag 24. juli 2008

I managed to get up today too, even though I sort of had a doubt as I wasn't in bed before way too late last night. All thanks to The IT crowd I ended up watching on youtube :D but the show is hysterical and then I get addicted xD Today at work a glass exploded, which resulted in me having to wash all the plates... Like I didn't already have enough to do? :/

But the good thing is that I could just look forward to going home and do nothing. Absolutely nothing :D

So today I've been wandering inside and outside the house, catching some rays, reading on the terrace, and picking raspberries in the garden:) Which I by the way will be using to make yet another smoothie.. It seems like I'm addicted to smoothie these days :)

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Åsne sa...

nei noen kjente av naboene brukte det, og jeg hadde jo på en måte et rom, så ble ikke noe av da..:P