onsdag 18. juni 2008

Sweden vs Russia

I can't find my goggles! :( But other than that, I think I have most of the packing under control, and if I would be in big need of some goggles, they probably have it in Croatia :) hehe

Well, over to something else.. These days is it UEFA European Football Championship in Switzerland/Austria, and at this very moment is Russia and Sweden playing against eachother. I'm not a big footballfan, but why not have a bit of a football blogentry :P Even though Sweden is our dear neighbours and all, I think I'll hope for Russia to go further to the quarter-finals. And so far it seems like they will :)

What's a bit cool though, is that on Friday 20th June, Croatia will play against Turkey, and that day I'll be in Zagreb, so it will probably be alot of happy football crowds around town. That can be interesting :)

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