fredag 16. mai 2008

Rearranging the closet :)


When I came home from school today, my mum had finally cleaned out 1/3 of my closet that she has been using forever. So now I actually have 2/3 of my closet for my own clothes :D hehe.

And here's a pile of all of my dresse which are going out of the drawers and into the closet on clothes hangers :D

And I've also sorted out all my scarves/neckerchiefs. I didn't know I had so many that they would fill my whole sofa! :O I think it must be about 50 xD
Aww, and I also found this long black simple skirt I wore in 8. grade at the Christmas ball. And I tried it on, but as a tube dress with a waist belt. So with some sewing skills (which I don't have), I'll probably manage to make it more dressy xD

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