fredag 16. mai 2008

Look what I drew

I hate Norwegian. The subject. It was okay till I began at high school. And that is mostly thanks to the teacher... :§

Anyway. Today I was so bored, and we were sitting there in groups doing teamwork where we had to discuss subjects and a whole lot of other shite. And when I'm bored, pretty much can be scribbled down in my notebook. So why not show you this "handsome" guy I drew :P
So with this posting I would like you who read this to call him something. Give me namesuggestions! xD

and yes, I'm bored when writing this blogentry.

2 kommentarer:

Åsne sa...

synes han ligna på han astronomi nerden jeg :p husker ikke helt hva han heter.

Marit sa...

åja han ja.. Han på reklamen om et kjempesmell xD hehe