torsdag 8. mai 2008


I'm one of the people who still buy CDs. I love CDs and the best thing about them is that they are physical products. It's not just some songs that are saved on a computer who takes up Gigabites and Megabites and all those names I don't really know. It's a physical product you can hold in your hand, and it's sort of a personal product from the band/artist to the listener. It has this small booklet inside where the band usually have written down all the lyrics, and also maybe have a few pictures. That are details that the person who download the music will never be able to hold in their hands, because the music they have bought is just files on a computer. And a CD collection looks much better in 3D than a long list of songs on a computer screen.

Today I got the second CD I ordered a few weeks ago. The Holloways - So This Is Great Britain. Listening to it right now actually :) and I quite like the sound of it.

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