onsdag 30. april 2008

Work training

I came home from the hospital about an hour ago, after working there today with training in what to do when I'll be working there this summer. It was actually a bit fun. What I did was to make baguettes and cut salad in the kitchen. The guy there actually recommended some methods how to cut a cucumber in an easier way.. haha xD I also worked in the cafeteria where I made burgers and chips. In the end it was all about the dishwash, which wasn't that interesting, but not too bad either to be honest.. hehe

I wore this white doctor outfit. Huge pants and shirt, but comfortable to walk around with :P I also had this hairnet with a cap. Probably not my look :P

The only "bad" thing so far about this job, is that I begin at 7am... I hate to get up early! :/

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