torsdag 3. april 2008

I'm not sure why I'm writing on my blog right now, as it's just been an ordinary (which means boring) Thursday so far, and all the things that have been happening is not really worth to mention.

But I'll write anyway. For lunch today they sold this delicious Tapas plate in the cafeteria for only 20 NOK :O I just had to buy it :D
After school me, Silje and Sara went to the mall to buy a birthdaypresent to a friend who is going to celebrate her birthday today :) So that should be fun :] So right now am I wrapping in a part of the present with this blueish paper with silver pattern and stars on.. I think it's supposed to be more like a christmas wrapping paper, but I didn't have any other at hand.. But presents are wrapped in so it can be excited to rip off the paper to see what's hidden inside, so I doubt she cares about the paper.. :P
But, I wrote in an earlier posting that I would post pictures of what I got for my birthday :) So I'll start with a few pictures ;)
Jimi Hendrix CD :D It's Axis: Bold as Love if you were wondering xD

No, I didn't get the guitar for my birthday.. But if you look closer, you see this sticker with Jimi Hendrix :D I

thought it fitted quite good on my guitar :P Because after all, Jimi Hendrix was the best guitar player


Here's my bunch with keys, and there you see my new key buddy :D A Jimi Hendrix key ring.. cool huh? :)

Here's my new Kiss t-shirt :D Nice right? I Love it.. The Kiss text is on the top of the back :)

I'll probably add more pics later :)

Then I'm off to get ready for the birthday party ;)

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