fredag 21. mars 2008

Snow again? :(

Last night I felt asleep on the livingroom floor.. well, on purpose :) As I'm home alone I thought I could find a more interesting place to sleep than in my bed, and as our livingroom floor is quite big, why not sleep there? :P but it turned out to be quite uncomfortable, so in the middle of the night I wandered around in the house to find as many pillows as possible xD haha^^ Much better ;P

When I eventually woke up (and I woke up early, because it still wasn't very comfortable to sleep on the floor), there was alot of snow outside! About 10cm or something :( It's cold and windy outside, so the "melting process" will be long :( And I who was happy watching the snow slowly melting more and more each day, and now it is all back to the scratch.. It really piss me off xP

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