onsdag 26. mars 2008


Wow, what an exhausting day.. and I was suppose to have the Wednesday OFF. I've been working with the project till now and it got quite boring after a while=/ Well, me, Andrea and Ingvild had a nice time, but not the time which involved the project.. I think it's an interesting topic and all, but it just got too much..

As mention did me make a film with moviemaker where we recorded our voices, and in the beginning it didn't really work out too good, as we all had a laughter kick (?). I have no idea why, but we did xD Me and Ingvild evenutally got up with the idea of going to the supermarket as she was in need of some chocolate. So atleast we got some fresh air.

After working for about 6 hours (okay, we might didn't work constantly those hours, but still), we got to have something to eat :D I was starving! So after eating a quite delicous meal we ended up throwing around a stuffed animal turkey or whatever it was with Andrea's brother.. OMG we were desperate for doing something else than doing the project xD

We were sitting in Andrea's basement and there it was lots of child books.. hah, so in our desperation of doing something else, we started to look at them.. Quite nostalgic to "read" (which means there was about a sentence on east page) Postman Pat, Hercules and Sesame Street xD But at that time it was much better than doing the stupid project. But now I'm home again :) but I still have some glosseries to revise on for the french test tomorrow, norwegian homework AND read about the french revolution =/ It just never ends does it?

In 4 hours and 35 minutes I'll be 18! :O :O :O

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