lørdag 22. mars 2008

Late Of The Pier :)

The sun is shining.. atleast that is something.. but the snow hasn't melted yet :( or some of it, but it's still white outside.. and I'd rather prefer green right now x)

I'm listening to music and scribbling on a yellow paper.. not anything in particular.. just scribbling, just random shite.. the pen I use is actually very good to write with, maybe that's the reason why I'm scribbling? I like to write, even though I don't have anything to write.. That is why I'm scribbling.. scribbling, not writing. maybe you can call it something between drawing and scribbling? I have no idea. Anyway.. while doing so, I'm also drinking icecoffee :D it doesn't look too delicious on the picture, but trust me it is :)

I also played a bit on my guitar earlier :) Just sitting there playing on the strings and hear the notes I don't know the name of going through the room :) And I especially like my little guitar amp xD It's 5 W :) Isn't it cute? :P

2 kommentarer:

Agnethe sa...

Syns iskaffen så ganske deilig ut jeg! :D

Marit sa...

hehe :D