torsdag 27. mars 2008

No longer 17 :O

hmm, this day went quite fast.. atleast the time when I was at school :) which is quite nice as it is Thursday :) After that my mum picked me and Silje up, and then we went to Vinmonopolet "Wine and spirits monopoly" :) So there I walked straight in, and the cashier woman said Happy Birthday to me xD and where I bought my ale I didn't even have to show ID :O or, she might saw I had a bag from the "wine and spirits monopoly" where you have to show ID :P There we bought a few wines and I felt quite strange walking around there x) And I actually bought a Scottish Ale :) I've always wanted to taste real ale, but I've never had the chance to... So it better be good :P

Do you notice that anything is different? I do not, but on the one to the left am I 17 and on the other one am I one year older xD HAHA
But I'm still good old goofy me :D

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