torsdag 4. juni 2009

Back in the 90's

This evening I'm home alone, so I decided to go into the storeroom to mess around a bit.. well, I do try to keep it tidy, when checking out all the boxes from the good old days though.. Anyhow, I came across this huge box saying "Marit's clothes", which means clothes from when I was just a little girl. I had to have a peak, because I can still remember some of those clothes, and they for sure bring back memories, even though I'm not sure I'm full aware of it. So now I'll let you have a peak aswell, and from what was in the box, my conclusion will always be that most kids born in the 90's had a terrible clothing style compared to how it is today :p

So, let's see. There we've got my "Busserull" dress, and in the background you can see a not so nice t-shirt in velvet fabric. I remember I loved to wear it. And I also had a belly button Spice Girls T-shirt. They were my heroes, and I remember my dad bought it in Libanon, and it was like a dream came true for me, when I got it.. Just too bad it was a few sizes to big for me at that time, but I still used it a lot:)

Although I almost never wore a purse when I was little, I still had a few. And among them was the little red one, and I remember my brother had a tie in the same pattern. So you can say we matched in birthdayparties or whatever we were going to :p

As already mentioned, I can't say I like the clothing style on kids born in the 90's (when I look back at it now I mean, because I bet we all felt really pretty at that time) ,but I have to admit I still find the blue checked dress cute, so I wouldn't mind wearing something like it, if it was in my size :)


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Lise sa...

Du var jammen på høyden av de klesmatching, der ja!
Skal på hytta i dag med kremgjengen! Sjekk ut fuglen jeg mater med druer. Trodde jeg skulle le meg ihjel!