onsdag 15. april 2009

The World Was A Mess, But His Hair Was Perfect ♫

I'm back after jogging, and it was really nice as it's not too hot outside to do so. First I ran through alot of fog, as it was quite foggy down by the beach. Eventually I ended up in the forest, as I sprinted up this long hill. When I managed to get on the top of it I was exhausted. So, I ended up taking a break, and while doing so I managed to rip up my pants right where my bum is :/ it's just so typical, but luckily I had a long sweater :)

Off I go to the shower, before I'll probably put together a smoothie :D


2 kommentarer:

Lise sa...

Hahahahahaha :) skulle ha vært der, men får vel se den på fredag!

Marit sa...

se hullet mitt? altså på leggingsen? :p Jammen så du kommer på fredag isteden for lørdag? :D