fredag 17. april 2009

London Pride

I'm bored and I'm waiting for Lise to come.. she's probably sitting on the train right now :)

well, while being bored I'm listening to proper London music. And by that I mean music that is about London. In the music magazine Uncut I bought in London there was this free CD (and I quite like free CD's that comes with magazines) and the CD is called London Pride.
so while listen to jolly London music am I looking through this cute little book. I find J.K Rowling a brilliant writer, so I just had to buy it! :D ( only 3.5£ :O )
ooh, and I haven't introduced you to my new buddy :D
My Canon EOS 1000D camera I got for my birthday :D We get along pretty good, although I have problem understanding all its functions :p

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