søndag 1. mars 2009

Back home again :/

I'm back from Budapest after a week on a classtrip, and I already miss the bare streets. Here is it just lots of snow :/

Anyway, I've had a great week and hungarians are nice people :)

Me and my class stayed at a nice hotel up in the Rosehill on the Buda side of town. Apparently one of the richer districts in Budapest but I'm not sure. It was close to the metro and all, but not in the center of Budapest.

The first day we went to Norway's embassy in Budapest, and learnt some history. We also went to a castle and walked around underneath it in some labyrinths. it was quite interesting. The second day we went to a hungarian high school, and met some hungarian students. It was nice talking to them, and I joined up with some to make a typical hungarian dessert called Mákos Guba (it's like breadpudding with poppy seeds). To be honest, I can't say it looks very delicious, but it tasted better than how it looks :p
After recomendation from one of the hungarian students, I had to try a dish called Sztrapacska which was potato gnochis with cottage cheese and bacon. yummy! :)

What I probably liked the most was the good food, the nice people (even though it was a bit hard to communicate with some) and the fact it was so cheap for EVERYTHING there!

Of other things I did, went to the House of Terror, where all the hungarian Nazis during WW2 stayed and tortured people and it was moving to walk around in the basement where the "cells" were.

As those who know me might know, I can be a bit geeky when it comes to history, so the last day I went to the Holocaust museum. It was very interesting and fascinating in a sad way :( I also got lost, but after asking several people I found the metrostation and went straight to a huge shopping center! :D

oh, and I almost forgot to mention; I went to a SPA! :D

One of the best feelings ever, in my opinion, is to have the oportunity to walk around in a foreign city, where no one understands your language, and simply just being free as a bird and get lots of impressions from the surroundings! :)

I might get back with some photos later :)

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