torsdag 8. januar 2009


I just watched a documentary about children with guns in the United States, and its sick. Adults arrange courses for children how to be safe with guns, but also how to shoot safely. WTF is safely with shooting in the first place? the program sort of provoke me, because why does a 6 year old have to even think about weapons? REAL weapons.
It's sort of disturbing to see what relation little kids aged six have to weapons. Some people in the documentary even made a childfriendly gun from the scratch. I still don't get what can be childfriendly with a gun!?

I know there's lots of guns and weapons in America, but that doesn't neccessary mean that children literally have to grow up with them next to their beds. And it's not just "simple" guns either, but machineguns and weapons they use in Iraq and such they learns to shoot with.
If my dad would've given me a gun when I was six I would probably be really scared. But on the other hand, I don't live in America with a cellar full of weapons either.

But there has to be a reason why 115 students has been killed by guns in schools the last 5 years. And according to the documentary, 3000 children is being shot every year. Even though they might learn how to be careful with guns, doesn't mean it makes it easier to avoid them not to use them.

And as I saw it, it seemed like the people who knew how to handle a gun, was more capable of actually shooting someone without having any problems doing it, than a person who would hold a gun for the first time would have.

anyhow, this is my opinion, but what do you think about it? Do you think it is okay for that young children to be with guns?

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