fredag 7. november 2008

We are poem, we are song, we are film four hours long

  • I think there's something magical about musicals
  • I once earned 1000kr on performing poems. my own poems :S
  • I've only been in an ambulance once, and that was this year in London.
  • One of my big dreams would be to have the ability to fly. oh, if only magic existed! :)
  • I love speaking english but I never liked learning it in school.
  • I've never broken any bone in my body :)
  • I actually had a small small thought about joining the icehockey team when I was little. mostly because my brother played it I guess. But there wasn't any girl team, so it never happened.
  • I love it when the landscape is covered in snow.

Oh, and you know what? It's snowing outside :)

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agnethe sa...

skriver du dikt? De vil jeg se en gang :]