lørdag 22. november 2008

Today I was off to Lillehammer with my parents to visit my cousin and her family. I was also planning to do some christmas shopping on the center there, but did that happen? No.. But I did end up buying a skirt and some pens though. And an icecream ;) The shopping center was crowdy, and it just made me a bit stressed to see all the christmas decorations and such in the stores. So therefore I simply wasn't bothered to think about christmas shopping just yet

Then we went to my cousin. She has this adorable daughter aged 2, and to have a conversation with her can be quite interesting. Including the words owl, boob, earring and skirt it was a bit fun :p

When I came home again I should've begun at the assignment in RE for monday despite it being saturday night, but because of that I simply wasn't bothered.

But I think I'll be a bit on the screwed side on monday if I end up doing the whole shit tomorrow :/

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