onsdag 15. oktober 2008

London :) What a lovely time I had!

I'm back from London and I hate it. I really really do. I miss London, but mostly all the people. Their friendliness, their wit and the language. I miss speaking english :(

I came home around 2am last night, and now I'm all exhausted because of the lack of sleep I've got the last week. You sort of not notice it when being in London, but when you come back to your normal life and things gets all more quite, you notice it for sure.

Anyway, I'm still and will always be in love with London. It's such a beautiful city, and when it comes to shopping it's easy to get broke fast. hehe. That didn't happen to me though (might just have been because of my suitcase, because if it would be bigger I had bought lots more :P), but I spent loads of money :D

I've bought quite many dresses, tons of underwear and many CD's. I have no idea why I write what I bought, but just incase you would be interested you know :p This is how it looked like when I opened the suitecase last night:

We stayed at a hostel in Hammersmith, and the staff was very nice :) It was a bar there which belonged to the hostel, and we were there all the time. Lots of fun :D

I've seen some sights, which I've also seen before, but it's alot better when being there with 6 friends. I've been to The London Dungeon, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, been up in the London Eye and the British Museum.
I also went to Hard Rock Café and after that went to see the Grease musical. I LOVE Grease. Happy-happy music, and believe me, I sung along ;)

On Sunday I decided to walk around all by myself as the others were going to Oxford Street. I wanted to see some other parts, so first I ended up at the Cabinet War Rooms Museum/Winston Churchill Museum and also The Imperal War Museum. Quite interesting actually x) There you have my geeky history side :p

After that I went to Spitalfield Market. That's by the way been awarded as London's best market two years in a row. That's a thing I like about London. Markets! :D It's exciting to walk around at a big market place, and not be sure what you can find there. I didn't end up buying much though. 11 scarves (£1 each, guess who went all crazy?) and a browniebite.

As I'm a HUUGE fan of Jimi Hendrix, and he died in London, I had to see the place. He died in a private flat under a hotel which doesn't exist anymore. But I had the address, so there I stood outside the place he died. Sort of bizarre I know, but interesting :p
Not the best photo, but the place were all bushy so you can't see the door very well. And no one has rent the flat since he died there, so I suppose no one cuts the plants outside.

Not sure what more to write. I've had a time of my life and I've lots of interesting people. hehe:p
I might get back to more later :)

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