mandag 22. september 2008

Yesterday my grandmother turned 80 years old so most of my family threw a "big" party for her... :) All together it was about 25 people and it was lots of food :p

When I eventually came home, me along with two friends went to a café... And after wandering around in the main street we ended up at Peppes Pizzeria where two of our friends work, and we couldn't resist having a pizza :D NAM :D

Hmm, do you know what I have been using about 2 minutes everyday for the last 22 days?
KINGS OF LEON :D WEll, they've been making homemovies and have published these from 1-23rd September. and today they released their new album: Only By The Night :D I've heard all of the songs, and I think I'm in love with the album.. It's different from the others but ACE :D

I would call this pretty fancy artwork :)

If you want to see some of their homemovies, have a look at THIS page ;)

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