onsdag 17. september 2008

Marit is enjoying a delicious cup of tea :D

I've sort of noticed that I usually start my posts with "Today I" or something like that, which is starting to annoy me.. That would almost be like a diary, and even though some people use their blogs as a diary (and mine might could be called that as well in some aspects) I wouldn't call it that... So, then what would the point be with starting the posts with Today I.. blah blah blah?

Anyway, enough about that..

I had the day off today which was nice :) Or I didn't really have the day off, but I think about it as a day off as I didn't have to be at school... so instead I stayed home "studying" :p

What I ended up doing though was to go jogging and then go to a café with some friends... so my day hasn't been all that bad tbh :)

Now I'm stuck with a history project.. I like history.. but not so much this part of history :(
it's the industrial revolution.. definately not one of the most interesting and exciting points in history :/

I'm counting down for my trip to LONDON :D 20 days left and then I'm off and out of Norway for a whole week :D :D :D

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