torsdag 25. september 2008

6 facts about me you might didn't know:

-I've never liked the color pink. simply because it doesn't suit me.

-Apparently I'm a bit cross eyed. Never noticed it before, and I don't think one actually can see it anyway.. but that's what the eyedoctor told me :/

- I'm terrible at folding my own clothes... that means clothinghangers are a good friend of mine :D

-I own about 50 pair of shoes. That though, includes flip flops and ski shoes... x)

-I've never been a huge doll lover. Ofcourse I used to play with Barbies and such when I was little, but I was always more of the stuffed animal kind of girl xD

-When it comes to certain things that fascinates me, I can be a bit of a nerd.

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