lørdag 2. august 2008

the reason...

.... why I haven't written on here for a few days is simple because I haven't been on the internet too much. But to be honest much hasn't been happening either. I've been working everyday, and yesterday, one of the women I worked with (which btw is such a pain in the ass).. she thinks she's the boss and it gets on my nerves.
I've been a cashier most of the time in the cafeteria which is quite fun tbh, because then I don't have to make sweaty and fatty burgers... that actually destroys my appetite :P But now I'll have 3 days off from work and it's a bit surreal at the moment.. I can sleep as long as I want and it feels great! Lise came to me yesterday, and today we've been to the shoppingcenter :) I didn't buy much, but I had to buy a new coughing mixture x)

I'm still coughing like crazy, and if it continues like this I think I better have to go to the doctor... it might be the whooping cough :/

For the rest of my free days I don't have many plans, but tonight me, Lise, Silje and Sara will hit the town and I'm looking forward to that :D it will probably be alot of fun! :D

but then I'm off.. time to take a shower xD

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Camilla sa...

Kjolen er fra H&M ja :) 50 kr vettu! Den er såå behagelig :D

Camilla sa...

Jaa, den har det! Det er det som gjør den så søt :D