søndag 10. august 2008

Jacob's Ladder

oh well.. what have I done today? Nothing =/

Or, I did end up watching yet another film though. hehe :D I'm defiantely becoming a huge film geek in the holidays xD

I watched the film Jacob's Ladder, which is a Drama/Psychedelic Thriller/Horror film from 1990.
It's about a man called Jacob (Jake) Singer and the film takes place in New York in 1977. He's a veteran soldier from the war in Vietnam in 1971, and he's traumatized. He don't remember anything from a certain day during the war, and he gets flashbacks from his now-dead son Gabe, his ex-wife Sarah and from the war. Lots of things happen, and you should see yourself how it goes :)

I'd heard alot about this film before I watched it, and was told it was very scary and all, but it wasn't.. And that's coming from me who got nightmare after watching the Grudge xD

But probably because it was sort of based on a real story, and psycedelic... I have a habit of getting freaked out by supernatural things x)

"The most frightening thing about Jacob Singer's nightmare is that he isn't dreaming"

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